Tren Giles

Tren Giles is currently a Supervisor Gas Operations. He has 34 years of experience working in the natural gas industry.
Tren has worked in the Inspection department for over 30 years and is currently responsible for GPS/Inspection Support Group and 3rd party Inspectors. He is responsible for coordinating and training Company Inspectors, 3rd Party Inspectors and Field Engineers in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Tren works to foster an environment where employees are motivated to deliver top performance and are comfortable in communicating ideas for positive change.
Tren’s achievements include:
-Developed and implemented a new field note data collection process using GPS
-PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
-NAUI Dive Instructor
-Project Manager for running natural gas to two rural towns in Utah
Tren is married and has three children and two dogs.

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