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We host over 100 programs a year, from small-sized executive forums to large-sized industry conferences; from one-day meetings to five-day schools. Each year, our programs bring together over 5,000 energy professionals. Simply put, we offer something for everyone in the energy industry.


Over 9,600 instructional hours this past year.

Over 5,000 program participants this past year.

We offer over 100 programs each year.

Get to know industry experts from all over through our many networking opportunities.

With mentoring, schools, trainings, and webinars, we offer several ways to help career development.

We foster a collaborative environment for participants to exchange ideas.

Hear from industry leaders and innovators and be on the forefront of industry knowledge.

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Executive Forums

Chief Information Officer

Meets biannually in March + September. This biannual forum provides a unique opportunity for utility CIOs to come together in an exclusive peer-to-peer environment to network and share best practices. Participation is restricted to Chief Information Officers or senior leaders responsible for the management of their utility’s technology and information systems at WEI member energy companies.
Executive Forums

Corporate Communications

Meets biannually in February + September. This biannual forum provides an exclusive, collaborative space for leaders in corporate communications to discuss these challenges and exchange best practices. Participants will gain a new understanding of executive communications strategies, employee communication, branding for recruitment and onboarding, and crisis communication through interactive sessions and roundtable discussions led by WEI member energy companies. This program is intended for corporate communications senior leaders, directors, and managers.
Executive Forums

Customer Strategies

Meets annually in the spring. This annual executive forum meets in person and is focused on conversation interspersed with presentations on topics which include, but aren’t limited to, call center leadership, IT strategies, and workforce solutions. The small size of this program provides a unique environment for sharing with peers and building long-term relationships. This program is intended for executive level leadership responsible for customer strategy and policy and is open to WEI member energy companies.
Executive Forums

Energy Management

Meets biannually in May + November. This collaborative atmosphere, combined with the attendee’s high level of expertise, leads to complex and analytical discussions regarding long-term forecasts, international energy demand, H2/RNG/LNG updates, the price of carbon, renewable developments, electric/gas convergence issues, and the influence of storage and infrastructure projects. This program is intended for senior level management who are responsible for energy supply, storage, transportation, trading, marketing, transmission, or business development. Electric utilities with gas generation are encouraged to attend.
Executive Forums

Facilities + Workplace Experience

Meets annually in June. This program is intended for Facilities Directors or the top manager responsible for facilities and office space reintegration plans and re-entry planning. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this forum will be a chance to collaborate and share information with other utilities on how they are approaching office workspace.
Executive Forums

General Counsel

Meets biannually in February/March + September. As the legal landscape of the utility industry continues to change in the face of decarbonization, regulatory policy, budget pressures, and risk assessment, this biannual forum provides a unique and collaborative space for utility General Counsels to share new insights and opportunities through networking and roundtable discussions. Participation is restricted to General Counsels or senior leaders responsible for the management of legal functions at WEI member energy companies.
Executive Forums

Human Resources

Meets biannually in May + November. This semi-annual program provides a roundtable opportunity for human resource leadership to address contemporary, strategic issues in human resource management. The program considers strategic inclusions such as collective bargaining agreements, benefits, employee diversity, performance management, compensation policies and change management. This program is intended for senior leaders responsible for management of human resources functions at WEI energy member companies.
Executive Forums

Integrated Resource Planning

Meets biannually in April + October/November. An integrated resource plan (IRP) is more than just a plan; it’s an involved process with multiple evaluation criteria that helps to determine both short- and long-term load growth. Planning professionals gather twice a year, both in-person and virtually, to better understand the challenges facing electric and natural gas providers in Western North America. This program is for directors, senior leaders and key organizational contributors who manage the aspects and objectives of their utility’s integrated resource plan.
Executive Forums

Key Accounts

Meets biannually in April/May + October/November. Bringing together Key Accounts directors and managers to share best and practices and develop creative solutions to KA challenges, this bi-annual meeting features a keynote from the host utility, dedicated roundtable conversations, and breakout sessions designed for focused discussions between members. This program is for utilities and designed for key accounts directors and managers.
Executive Forums

Operations Business Strategies – Electric

Meets biannually in March/April + October. Designed for electric utility executives, participants engage in best practice roundtables to address electric distribution system and substation reliability and safety. This program is intended for senior leaders of WEI energy member companies: vice presidents, directors of electric operations and general managers responsible for maintaining system reliability.
Executive Forums

Renewable + Low Carbon Gases

Renewable Gases including biomethane or RNG, hydrogen and syngas present an opportunity for members to reduce the carbon intensity of the gas streams provided to their end use customers. Join utility professionals responsible for low carbon and renewable efforts at their company as we discuss a wide range of strategic topics from policies, regulatory framework, safety and economics to gas quality and operational issues related to these efforts.
Executive Forums

Strategic Planning

Meets annually in November/December. WEI’s Strategic Planning program provides a forum for members responsible for their company’s strategic plan to come together to discuss common challenges and opportunities. This annual forum provides a collaborative space for members to focus on strategic issues and compare the planning processes at different companies. This program is intended for directors or senior managers with strategic responsibilities in supply chain business functions.
Executive Forums

Substation Operations

This utility-only forum is designed specifically for Directors and Senior Managers that work in or support substation operations. The format is largely centered around structured roundtable discussions that allow for informal benchmarking between participants and for group problem solving. This is an opportunity to share best practices and learn from industry peers on how to manage the changing landscape within Substation Operations. The content covers substation operation topics such as technology and automation, changing workforce, improving safety, aging infrastructure, compliance/regulation, industry trends and sharing other lessons learned. The format will be a mix of virtual and in-person.
Executive Forums

Supply Chain Strategies

Meets annually in May/June. Focusing on the role of supply chain leadership, this forum provides an environment for strategic thinkers to discuss supply chain management responsibilities. This program is intended for Directors or Senior Managers with strategic responsibilities.
Executive Forums

Talent Management

Meets annually in September. Energy companies face core challenges to recruit, retain, develop and train their workforce. This forum brings together employee development and training experts to share case studies and proven best practices. This program is intended for key energy company contributors who lead aspects and objectives of their company’s talent recruitment, retention, development and training.
Executive Forums

Western Region Mutual Assistance Agreement (WRMAA) Annual Meeting

Meets annually in the fall. In 2003 the Western Region Mutual Assistance Agreement (WRMAA) was created and adopted by gas and electric utilities throughout Western North America to support one another in the event of emergencies affecting generation, transmission, distribution, or other business operations. Signatories meet in person annually to share best practices, discuss key emergency response issues, and elect new members of the Executive Committee and the custodian of the agreement. This program is open to signatories of the Western Region Mutual Assistance Agreement or by invitation.
Executive Forums

Western Utilities Financial Forum

Meets annually in August. This annual forum is a place for Chief Financial Officers, senior accountants, and finance leaders from western North American to come together to address common challenges and explore best practices in everyday obstacles ranging from financial reporting, rate design, cost management strategies, and beyond. This program is open to both WEI energy members and non-members.
Executive Forums

Wildfire Planning + Mitigation

Meets annually in August. This program will bring together senior leaders responsible for wildfire planning and mitigation strategies at WEI member companies for an interactive peer to peer session. We will focus on sharing and discussing best practices around strategies for planning, operations, technology and various other tactics to mitigate and plan for wildfires.

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