Benefits for Energy Companies

WEI is made up of a wide range of energy companies — our 80+ energy members are from over 20 U.S. States and Canadian provinces. This gives our members access to exchange wins and losses, discuss emerging issues, and ultimately cultivate professional relationships that encourage problem solving and innovative ideas. Other benefits include:

  • Consistent, dependable insight from peers through perpetual and relaxing networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to collaborate with utility executives and leaders to direct and enact change by serving on the board and other committees
  • Business acumen development and hands-on technical training for technicians, frontline personnel, and supervisors
  • Access to utility only programs
  • Access and discounted rates to every program we offer
  • Forums for discussing emerging issues with regulators, government officials, industry experts, special interest groups, and visionary business leaders

Energy Company Directory

Benefits for Service Companies

WEI helps over 230 service companies in the electric and natural gas industry build relationships and educate others about your products and services. Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to serve alongside utility professionals and leaders in a relaxing environment that encourages collaboration and networking
  •  Direct access to the WEI Member Directory, a list of utility leaders and key decision makers
  •  Opportunities to sponsor programs and network with utility executives and leaders in a relaxing environment
  •  Access and discounted rates for all programs, excluding executive forum
  •  Leadership opportunities by serving on various WEI committees connected to many programs offered and the service company committee and board
  •  Promotion of company through logo placement, company listings, and numerous vendor display opportunities

Service Company Directory

"I have been able to meet and interact with most of WEI's executives and senior leaders. We collectively discuss and assess existing and emerging industry challenges. As a result of my participation, my company gets opportunities to provide speakers and authors on various topics, and in certain cases, a business relationship with utility members has occurred. I highly recommend being an active WEI member for anyone that is involved in serving the electric and gas industry in order to enhance your understanding of the issues and challenges, and to expand your network."

Tom Peterson, Managing Director, KPMG LLP

“WEI is an organization that helps develop leaders in our industry. Through the many different offerings, member companies have opportunities to educate and develop their future stars. WEI also provides excellent regional networking. Through networking, member companies can develop relationships that span careers, providing insight to solving industry challenges as well as opportunities to collaborate to improve the industry.”

Hart Gilchrist, Vice President of Operations, Intermountain Gas Company


We are the energy hub that offers inclusive access to critical information, professional development, and relationships that matter.


To be the indispensable energy community that drives workforce sustainability and collaboration towards a clean energy future.


Our values inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves and drive us towards our vision. They will be the first consideration in the way we show up and the way we treat each other, our work, and our members:

  • Collaboration
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Safety

WEI by the Numbers

We host over 100 programs a year, from small-sized executive forums to large-sized industry conferences; from one-day meetings to five-day schools. Each year, our programs bring together over 5,000 energy professionals. Simply put, we offer something for everyone in the energy industry.


Utility membership is composed of 80+ companies

(WEI) helps over 230 service companies

Average program evaluation score 9.1/10

Over 750 amazing volunteers and industry experts

Meet the Team

WEI is a passionate team based in downtown Portland, Oregon. While our staff size is modest, what we lack in size we make up for in hard work and dedication to our members.

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Board of Directors

These Senior Executives from energy companies are responsible for the highest level of their company’s business strategies. The role of the board is to oversee the participation in and evaluation of WEI activities.

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Work With Us

We’re always interested in meeting someone who’s up on the latest issues affecting the energy industry, and someone who can take that knowledge and approach situations with an innovative mindset.


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WEI hosts over 100 programs each year, serving over 5,000 members, so there’s plenty of options to get involved. Rather you’re attending your first event, a seasoned committee member, or one of our all-star sponsors, there’s something for everyone.
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