Dan Killoren

Dan Killoren started his professional career at Salt River Project (SRP) in 2007 in the Research Archives and Water Rights departments. In 2014 he transitioned into Strategic Planning and was promoted to Manager, Strategy, Archives and Contracts in 2016. Dan oversees the corporate strategy team, which is responsible for long-range planning, insights and market intelligence, scenario development, strategy development and consultation, corporate objective-setting, ad hoc research and special initiatives. He also oversees the corporate Archives–the permanent repository for over 100 years of institutional records–which leverages and communicates SRP’s rich history and community roots. Over the course of his career at SRP he has gained a broad expertise in strategic issues relating to SRP’s water and power businesses.

Dan graduated with a Ph.D. in History from Arizona State University and he continues to support historical education and preservation, most recently as the President of the Heritage Square Foundation in Phoenix. Dan is married to Lexi Killoren and has two kids (Abe and Molly).

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