Denise Amezquita

Denise has been with SCG for 10 years. She has held a few roles beginning In 2011 where she started as a CSR in Redlands. In 2016 she moved into Claims as a Project Specialist to help during the Aliso Canyon leak. In 2017 she moved into Gas Scheduling as an Analyst transporting natural gas into the SoCal Gas transmission system, and most recently in January of 2020 she moved into Emergency Management. During her time here in EM she managed the restructuring of EM’s training handbooks – EOD Binder/Resource Guide – expected to begin training all departments to these guides this year. She managed the restructuring of Noggin’s Situation Management Platform – expected to begin training applicable departments this year. She also manages the Executive On-Call Schedule for the year and weekly assigned On-Call responsibilities where she has managed multiple incidents such as the Covid-19 pandemic, planned demonstrations, hit high pressure mains, hit transmission lines, wildfires, water-in-the-main, earthquakes and mutual assistance.

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