Kathy Knoop

Kathy Knoop is a Senior Scientist at Salt River Project. She is responsible for SRP’s electric vehicle program including customer support, system impact, fleet electric vehicles and employee programs. Kathy also coordinates and reports on SRP’s sustainability programs as well as developing new programs for SRP to showcase their sustainability efforts. She reports regularly to executive staff and presents to both internal and external audiences to assist them with a greater understanding of the issues surrounding electric transportation, sustainability, climate change and environmental programs. During Kathy’s 23 years at Salt River Project as a both senior chemist, environmental scientist and sustainability analyst she has also worked on supporting environmental compliance for SRP’s power plants and developing SRP’s greenhouse gas emission reporting procedures for the California Climate Action Registry.

Kathy was born in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Arizona State University. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and Bachelors degree in Chemistry.

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