Pat McEntee

Pat started his career as a laborer in building highways, roads, streets and airport runways in the late 1970’s, working summers while attending college. He started full time employment in the 1985, after college graduation. Him and his brother Terry own the company and have grown the local family business over the years.
Pat gained extensive experience in airport runway and taxiway construction by working on and managing many airport projects in southern Idaho. In addition to airport construction, he worked on and managed many single year and multi­ year highway projects. His construction management experience has involved coordination of construction project activities with project owners including federal, state, local agencies and private owners. He is involved from project start to project completion. He has increased his knowledge and kept aware of current construction trends and techniques by attending many training classes and seminars.
During Pat’s 30+ years of road construction experience, he has participated in numerous projects in Southern Idaho involving the construction of projects such as the Flying Wye (Stage Two), Vista Interchange, Eagle Road, Fairview Ave. to Eagle Road and Karcher Interchange in Nampa Idaho. Additionally, Many of these projects involved major intersections which are not only a place of congestion for traffic, but also major congestion points for utilities. Careful coordination with utility companies is essential to the success of constructing these major intersections.

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