Tim Porter

Tim Porter is a Managing Director in Accenture’s North American Strategy Practice based in Atlanta. Tim is also the Global Lead for the Accenture Smart Grid Leadership Network. Tim has over 19 years with Accenture specializing in corporate and retail strategy development, customer operating and business model design, emerging technology analysis, and multi-year scenario planning for utilities clients and competitive energy retailers.

Most of Tim’s work over the last several years has been in the area of smart energy-related business analysis. In this role, Tim has helped clients to identify potential value pools, complete economic analysis of new and emerging business models, and develop recommendations on key actions required to extract value and/or minimize threats to their core businesses.

Prior to joining Accenture, Tim spent six years working at GE’s Power Generation business. Tim holds Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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