WEI Webinar Series

About our webinars

This webinar series has been developed in collaboration with energy and service company providers to offer WEI members a wide range of timely webinars, on relevant topics.

WEI is providing a unique opportunity to engage and connect our members on key topics and emerging issues in the energy industry. Some of the topics we’ve covered in the series include:

• High Wind Warning – A Risk-Based Approach to Electric Infrastructure Safety
• Hydrogen – Enabling the Energy Transition
• Think Opportunity (Innovation)
• Race in the Utility Industry
• Future-Proofing Your Business
• Safe Workplace Initiatives
• Create an Opportunity-Driven Vision
• Safety Utility Panel Discussion
• PG&E Super Emitter Program

Each webinar will provide participants with an opportunity to see the industry from an innovative perspective while gaining new insight and knowledge to apply within their own team and organization.

You can submit topics, ideas or content for future webinars by sending them to Diana Zoren or completing a submission form on our website.