As we head into the month of June, we know that many of our colleagues, members, and friends are celebrating Pride, and WEI is proud to say that we are celebrating with you.

Throughout the month – as well as the rest of the year – we will be sharing articles, information, events, and more, that educate how the energy industry can be more inclusive and welcoming to all members.

What makes this association so great is having the diversity of such a large community and the ability to share and collaborate with people of all different backgrounds. WEI wants all of our members to feel that they can be themselves at our programs, and in the industry as a whole.

You will also likely notice some changes from WEI in the upcoming months. In addition to our internal DE+I Committee, we have established a diversity board committee made up of members to help further our stance on LGBTQ+ and racial injustices. You will see more programs about equality in the workplace from us and will find that many of our staff have begun including their pronouns in their signatures and on name tags. These are some of the first steps of many that we are taking as an organization to support all of our members and community.

WEI wants it to be clear that we accept everyone – unconditionally. No matter your race, gender, identity, or sexuality, you are welcome here. Our diverse group of members is what makes WEI so wonderful. So whether you identify as she, he, or they, we can’t wait to see you at our next event.

Happy Pride!

Chuck Meyer, President, and the rest of the WEI team